Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My middle little boy started kindergarten today. And I haven't shed a tear. I remember when my oldest went to kindergarten three years ago — I was a nervous wreck. This year, I wasn't as frazzled. I didn't even take tissues in my pocket to school this morning. I stayed for the welcome festivities, gave my little one a big hug and I left without that sinking feeling I had three years ago.

When my oldest began kindergarten, I was completely unprepared. I didn't know what to expect. My sister, a kindergarten teacher, tried to allay my fears, but I still worried. It turns out, though, kindergarten was pretty amazing. That year was packed with more fun than I ever could have imagined. Field trips, parties, paper maché pigs and other clever crafts, stories and songs and creative learning. Believe me when I say that I loved it just as much, if not more, than my oldest little boy did. Selfishly, I actually was excited for my middle child to turn 5 so that I could experience kindergarten AGAIN!! Sure I'll miss him each day, but I know he is in good, capable, loving hands. And his journey has begun! He's on a non-stop path of learning. Soon he'll learn to read and research and discover so much. How could I be weepy or worried about THAT??

The only thing I'm sad about is that I can't go to kindergarten too! :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Avon calling!

In two days my oldest little boy starts the third grade. And my middle child will start kindergarten soon after. Two down, one to go! But all joking aside, I'll miss my little man. I cannot believe he's already in kindergarten! Seems like yesterday that I left my career so that I could stay at home full-time when he was born. Now he's off to kindergarten!

I am looking forward to enjoying some time with my littlest one — just the two of us. But I also miss the excitement of having a job to do. So I've decided to... wait for it... become an Avon lady!! I've always thought it would be fun. It seems so retro and exciting. And, let's face it, I love cosmetics and skincare, so it's right up my alley.

Problem is... I've no customers! So please support me in my venture to not be a desperately bored housewife this fall! I'd love to sell to you!

Check out my Avon Web site and place an order! I'd really appreciate it! And I promise this will be the last time I use my blog to hawk my goods! :-)