Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Well, I did it! I jumped into the blog-fog! After watching Julie and Julia awhile ago, I thought.... I can do that! No, I can't cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook (nor would I want to), but I can join this crazy blogger world.

For so long, I thought that blogs were for the self-centered crowd who thought their lives extremely interesting and publishable. I thought this until I read two of my friends' blogs. These two ladies have brightened my day with their words, awakened my palate with their incredible recipes and made each day a little bit sweeter. One muses about the world and her adventures in cooking and travels. The other writes about her genius recipes and how food can nourish the soul if you have all the right ingredients (love being the utmost).

My new little blog is intended to unite all you mothers out there.... I am of the impression that all women have maternal instincts. Whether they have five children or none at all... We all have been blessed with the "mother" gene.

Each day, I find myself laughing out loud at little things that my children or my husband say or do. My mother says... "I hope you wrote that down!!" Usually life gets busy and I don't. Now I have an outlet! So, watch out! I'll be the doting mom... But more than that, I hope this blog will be a forum for you moms out there to weigh in on your experiences. How are YOU today?

So, here goes... Welcome to the Maternal Journal!

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