Thursday, March 25, 2010

Civility and a cinnamon bun

Today, my littlest boy and I had coffee (well, he had apple juice) and a cinnamon bun with a dear friend of mine from high school. She is one of those friends you can lose contact with for years and then pick up a conversation with as if you'd never paused. In fact, we did lose contact with each other for several years. After high school we both went our separate ways to college. Our lives took different paths. Very different. During those years of self discovery, she became a strong conservative Republican. In fact, she went into politics after school. While I was away at college, I discovered that, though I was brought up in an extremely conservative home, I was a liberal Democrat.

After nearly a decade of not being in touch with each other, she and I reconnected about eight years ago. At the time, she was working on the campaign of a prominent Republican, and I was still driving around with a Gore/Lieberman bumper sticker on my car. Despite our difference in political opinions, we picked up our friendship right where it left off. Now it just wouldn't be an ordinary day without touching base with her on Facebook. We have a truly bipartisan friendship.

Today while sipping coffee and eating our cinnamon buns, we caught up on gossip. And we even talked politics. When we were leaving I told her that we should run for office since we are the picture of how government should operate. Two sides listening to each other, respecting each other and valuing the good in each other.

Civility and a cinnamon bun. Two very wonderful things. :–)


  1. You made me cry! I love that you two are still such good friends and stay in touch!

    Hugs from East Tennesee!

    Linda Jackson

  2. You should be very proud of your little girl! She's a blessing to all who know her!! :-)

  3. I love this. I just watched the vitriol spewing on the news. I'm so tired of the bitterness and mean and nasty things going on. Threats on people's lives? Seriously? I'm so turned off by politics now. I used to love it.