Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A few things I love about summer...
• Watching my children's eyes light up at the sound of the ice cream truck's jingle
• The twinkle of fire flies at dusk
• Freckles
• Flushed, sweaty, dirty little boy faces at the end of a long day at play
• Afternoon thunderstorms and the smell of rain
• The farmer's market
• My beautifully overgrown, under-manicured, lovely smelling herb garden
• Fresh fruit and honey and popsicles
• Loooooooong days
• Sprinklers
• Sparklers
• No school or schedules
• Sleeping in
• Butterflies
• and Barefeet

Though fall is my favorite season, I appreciate all the whimsy and beauty of summer. Most of all, I enjoy sharing it with my little ones!! Happy summer!! :-)

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