Friday, March 23, 2012

Our dancing bees

The front of our house is bordered by these bushes that attract an unseemly amount of bees each year when spring comes along. Coming in and out of the house is a mad dash to try to bypass the buzzing creatures. I cannot stand them. I know they do good work. I appreciate the hard work. I love honey. But I do not like bees one bit. This is where my 3 year old and I differ. He informed me today that he loves bees. He will stand at the storm door and watch them buzz about for long stretches of time. He will mosey past the bee laden bushes with a huge smile on his face, totally unafraid.

Today, I was busy doing some things around the house and I heard Charlie playing his keyboard. He had put it on the "demo" setting and had turned the volume all the way up. I wondered what in the world he was doing. I heard the storm door creak open and I walked to the front door. He was standing in the doorway, on the front stoop (where the bees like to congregate), just letting his keyboard play as loud as it could. I said, "Charlie, what are you doing?" He looked at me and said, "The bees are dancing. They like this song." It was like he knew a secret that I didn't. He was totally serious. Ah, I love that kid. I swear he says something so sweet it makes my soul smile every single day.

I am so blessed. And my bees are the happiest, danciest bees on the block.

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