Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A painful reminder

Today I was making up my oldest boys' bunk bed and my littlest son was in the room with me playing with the pile of pillows and stuffed animals I had tossed on the floor in the process. All of a sudden I heard a little thud. He had accidentally bumped his head on the bunk-bed ladder as he bent down to retrieve a toy. Crocodile tears welled up, as he began to cry. In a rush to finish the bed before the timer for the cookies in the oven went off, I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and said, "See? All better!" and turned to get back to work. I didn't have time for a full fledged pity party. I had work to do and the day quickly was passing me by. As I turned to finish making up the bed, I promptly bonked my head (very hard) on the upper bunk (which, in my opinion, is too close to the bottom bunk, but I digress...). Talk about a little message from God. I got it loud and clear... painfully clear. Ouch!!

Now my little man and I both have little red marks on our foreheads. A little reminder to him to be more careful as he learns to maneuver himself through this world. A little reminder to me to be a little more empathetic to his needs.

The house work can wait. Crocodile tears must be wiped. Hugs must be given. Sometimes it takes a bonk on the head to remind us. :-)

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