Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank You

Just when you think that you have them figured out, they go and surprise you again. That's the amazing thing about children. Earlier today, my middle child, who's 5, brought me a picture he'd drawn of a little guy smiling with his hands up in the air. I said, "What's he doing?" My son said, "He's reaching for God... to say, 'Thank you.'" My heart melted. How precious is this child of mine, I ask??

These are the moments that make every day worthwhile. Here we were just doing our own thing. I was typing away on the computer, he was drawing in his notebook and my littlest was trying on hard hats and playing with his Woody the cowboy toy. An ordinary day. Then all of a sudden my 5-year-old brings me this picture — totally out of the blue. We hadn't even been discussing God or being thankful. We even forgot to say our bedtime prayers last night. So I was quite surprised to see this picture. I don't know why I should be surprised, though. That's the truly fascinating part about parenting ... watching your children grow into their own little people, with defined personalities and their very own thoughts. It's the most gratifying part of my "job" as mom.

After seeing his picture, my own thoughts immediately reached up to God to say, "Thank you." How did I get to be so blessed?

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